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Learn from EIT Urban Mobility’s extensive network of top-level city planners, academics, and consultants to level up your career with UMX. Get certified with our interactive e-courses, enjoy our popular videos on YouTube, sign up for applied courses, train up your team with custom courses, and stay on track with other resources to refine your desired skill set. Only by learning together can we make our cities more sustainable and liveable for generations to come.

Urban Mobility Explained (UMX) is powered by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) co-funded by the European Union. 

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Go behind the scenes with experts as you explore our collection of 100+ short videos and articles to find out what you like most about urban mobility.


Dive deep into specific urban mobility topics with our catalogue of 50+ self-paced e-courses you can take on your own time — plus, dozens of applied courses you can take in real-time with others! We also create custom-made courses to train entire organisations.

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Travel to cities old and new with our network of experts and policy makers who show you exciting new urban mobility practices across Europe and beyond.  
  • 100+ videos - with new ones every two weeks!
  • Most videos under 10 minutes each 
  • Join our 20,000 subscribers on YouTube 


Our interactive, self-paced e-courses are authored by experts to teach you about topics, from future trends, active mobility, energy and green planning to the latest global policies. 
  • 50+ short courses (1h+) to choose from 
  • You can take them for free! 
  • Certificates start at just 9€
Applied Courses 

Applied Courses 

Join our live seminars, workshops and trainings featuring EIT Urban Mobility’s network of 750+ partners for hands-on learning. 
  • For individuals as well as teams
  • Available in several different languages
  • Get in touch for customised options for your organisation


Get an exclusive look at the most popular topics in urban mobility with our course experts. We sit down with them one-by-one each month to get their take on best practices, upcoming trends and other insights that you can’t get anywhere else.


Sign up for our upcoming webinars — or watch recordings of our webinars — with experts from all around Europe on specific challenges and opportunities in urban mobility. Participate live for the chance to have your questions answered in our Q&A section at the end!
UMX on LinkedIn

UMX on LinkedIn

Join other urban mobility professionals and lifelong learners like you on LinkedIn. Stay informed about industry insights and trends, get access to networking and development opportunities, engage in discussions and more. 

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“As a trained urbanist, I choose to follow a range of EIT courses to strengthen my understanding of strategic planning instruments to help us strengthen the public's awareness and acceptance of a sustainability mobility transition.”

Linn Tramm

Project coordinator at the German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development 

"This course (Designing a Livable Neighbourhood: The Woonerf Concept) is a wonderful introduction to designing livable, pedestrian-oriented street spaces. The material is presented in an extremely clear and logical way, and the course assignment forces you to apply your learning to a practical example - a place that matters to you!"

Tristan Laing

Director of Education and Community - Regenesis